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This QR type hub is ideally suited to 26”/700C wheels at 6V3W output and perfect for rim brakes.
What makes the SP PV-8 unique is its inspiring dynamo concept called polar series alignment dynamo. It incorporates physical limits, premium craft, cutting edge tech and our passions. It is the perfect construction for the rim brake system. The exterior shape is minimalist, but the construction engineering behind it is complex.

Rim Brake

6V3W For 26”-700C

Small in size. Powerful in performance

PV-8 Detail PV-8 Detail PV-8 Detail PV-8 Detail PV-8 Detail PV-8 Detail


Weight(g) 375
Axle Type QR
Brake Type Rim Brake
Spoke P.C.D(mm) 52
Flange Diameter(mm) 60
O.L.D(mm) 100
Max Hub Diameter(mm) 58

Price from TWD 0

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