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Warranty period:
2-year warranty: SP products are covered under a 2-year warranty period beginning from the original date of purchase. Poof of the original purchase date is required for warranty service. If you have any inquiries or you need service, please contact to the place you ordered. Or you can contact to SP directly. We are all friendly and happy to offer the best service to you.

Warranty limitations:
During the warranty period, SP will provide warranty service for SP products that fail under proper use in normal environments, pursuant to the following terms and conditions:

The warranty does not apply to any SP product failure caused by any accident, abuse, mishandling, improper usage (including use contrary to the product description or instructions, beyond the extent of the product’s intended use, or for tooling or testing purpose), alteration, abnormal mechanical or environmental condition, acts of nature or improper installation.

Unauthorized repair or modification will void this warranty. This includes any form of disassembly of the hub or its parts.

This warranty shall not apply to the transferees of SP products and/or anyone who may profit from this warranty.

Before using SP dynamo hubs, please ensure proper installation. From our experience, the hub can be damaged by mis-installation. Please be careful for below information.
Please make sure that the hub is properly fastened to your fork. If the QR is not fastened enough, it may cause problems. Check to see that wiring is properly installed with our included connector.
When finishing connector plug installation, you need to plug into the plug base on hub. However, sometimes the plug base on hub may be toward to bad position and you would like to adjust it and then you can plug it easily. Please must loose the QR first. Then you can adjust the connector base direction. After you get good direction, then fasten your QR and you can plug in the connector.
Under normal riding conditions, your hub is covered under SP warranty for 2 years.

During the 2–year warranty period, if you have any issues, please contact SP or your retailer. If your issue results from defect and cannot be resolved after contacting SP, please send your hub back to SP. You will need to cover the cost of shipment to SP facilities. Depending on circumstances, we will either repair or offer you a new hub. Warrantied hubs will be sent back to customers via DHL International Express as our expense.

Repair and replacement guidelines:
For products purchased from an authorized SP distributor or reseller, customers must contact the original seller if SP products cease to function or an abnormal condition occurs. Describe the condition to seller so the seller is able to assess whether the problem is covered under warranty. If the claim meets warranty conditions, please arrange to send it back to seller. SP retains sole discretion on whether to repair or replace warrantee items with a refurbished product or functional equivalent. The decision made by SP shall be final.

For products purchased from SP directly, please contact SP directly.

If a defective product is out of the warranty period or does not meet warranty conditions, please contact SP directly for out-of-warranty service solutions.

During warranty period, SP offers to service bearings that are not defective but have simply worn out due to prolonged use. SP will charge only shipping cost for this service. Please contact SP directly.

SP is your best choice in dynamo hubs.
SP stands for Small, but Powerful. We offer only the best dynamo hubs built with premium quality.

We do not license our dynamo technology to other brands. We also no longer produce OEM dynamo hubs for rebranding by other marks. We only produce and sell our dynamo hubs under the SP brand. When you choose and SP dynamo hub, please verify the SP logo. It goes without saying that our warranty applies only to genuine SP branded hubs. Choose the best, choose SP and enjoy the best riding.