Fish Eye Lens Dynamo Light

Fashionable. Simple. Aerodynamic.

LS003 Spc

You can see me. I can see the road.

Illumination is a critical standard for lighting performance. However, quoted figures encompass substantial complexity and are often poorly cited by light producers. The LS003 achieves great brightness registering up to 35 lux at 10 meters. Unlike most bike lights however, emissions from the LS003’s high output LED are sculpted by an optically engineered “free form lens” to create a usefully even and broad beam pattern with a well manicured “automotive style” cut off. The LS003 pushes high luminosity though an efficient optic to light up the road, while providing a razor sharp cut off at the top to protect oncoming traffic from disturbing, blinding and potentially dangerous glare. This lamp is the “safer option” in both respects.

The light also incorporates a large capacitor able to support its stand light function for up to 7 minutes when the bicycle is still. Cyclists remain visible when stopped at traffic lights. Power stored in the capacitor is adroitly managed by specialized electronics to minimize flicker at low speeds. Of course, integrated over-voltage protection insulates the lamp from excessive power output from the dynamo at high speeds. Speedy descents are not a problem, neither are stops at traffic lights.

The LS003 has received approved under the strict German StVZO regulation (authorization No K833). It is purpose built and designed to meet all the functional concerns you can think of. You can see me and I can see the road … all the time.

Colorful, dynamic and stylish. It’s all here.

The LS003 is not only functionally first rate, its dynamic and stylish form is effete. A dynamo light should not be dull. The unique shape of the LS003 results from a hot injection of modern design. It is fresh, simple, clear but not lethargic.
Riding the way you want and accenting your ride in technicolor. With 7 color options, the LS003 offers a full range of personality options. An involved process of baking and varnish creates a neat, subtle and durable finish. The LS003 offers vivid personalization.

There is something worth more than money.

The LS003 is efficient and thus creates less drag.
Safety, convenience, practicability and environmental protection are its result. For safety, the switch function is purposely omitted so the LS003 is always bright when riding. The increased safety from the effective daytime running lights far outweighs the minimal resistance from the efficient LS003, particularly as there are no batteries involved.
Clean energy produced from body fat is not only healthy, but also environmentally friendly. Get rid of batteries and enjoy the convenience and safety of the LS003 while doing your bit for the environment.

The SP LS003. Lighting your way home.

Cyclists expect ceaseless improvements in their gear. We do not claim unquestioned authority over hub dynamos and lighting, but we can assure our customers that we have accrued ulcers making sure that our products will bring honor to our family names. Come and explore the excellence of the SP LS003. Enjoy your own style of riding, and be assured that the LS003 will light your way home. It is a piece of equipment that cares …

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Persistence, perfection and commitment.



The SP LS003 optical “fish eye” light is a new dimension in dynamo lighting from the technology woven into its DNA to its pleasing silhouette.

Nestled within its understated housing is optical technology normally reserved for high-end cameras. This progressive optical technology combines extreme efficiency and a beam profile that is excellent whether for a meandering pace or high speed rides.