Riding should be relaxing and comfortable. The SV-7 and SD-7 hub dynamos make this possible via lighter weight and less drag when riding. Power output is only 0.5V lower than the strict German StVZO regulations require for 700c/26” wheels from 5km/h through 18km/h, which is more than sufficient for fast riding or completion oriented cycling with modern LED lighting systems. At 20km/h, these hub dynamos attain output conforming to the 6V3W required under the StVZO standard at 15 km/h – which was established under the precambrian incandescent era. Its lighter weight and lower power input requirements make it a superb option for comfortable, pleasant and relaxing riding with or without the dynamo in operation.

Smart Hub Dynamo

7 Series Dynamo Hub

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7 series Dynamo specification
S-7 output chart
P-7 series output chart
7 series overview

Design Concept

Breaking constraints. Creating the best.

The SP 7 series hub dynamo is the next step in the evolution of hub dynamo technology. It is conceptually progressive – intelligent, user friendly and efficient. Its innovations guarantee a better cycling experience.

Guided by the prerogatives of real cyclists, SP engineers undertook the imperatives of more efficient output while minimizing drag as their objective in creating an innovative “concept designed” hub dynamo.

The SP 7-series hub dynamo leverages a unique polar series alignment technology in the generator mechanism in combination with a switching mechanism that delivers high performance and user-friendly functionality. The polar series alignment technology enhances both the efficiency of the dynamo and the stability of its power output. The switching mechanism affords cyclists the added benefit of having the safety and convenience offered by hub dynamos, while avoiding unnecessary drag when power is not required. The realization of the switching function is a revolutionary breakthrough in the field of hub dynamos.

SP 7 series hub dynamos are concept-designed, and not imitations of existing products already available on the market. Offered in both rim- and disc-brake versions, they offer freedom previously unavailable to cyclists. During the day, the absence of drag from the dynamo allows cyclists to conserve energy and ride faster.

When small is not only small !!

Powerful Dynamo Hub

When powerful is not only powerful !!

More power output is also pleasing when riding at a casual pace in the dark. These hub dynamos produce 6V3W at a mere 15km/h!
The PV-7 and PD-7 hub dynamos have advanced dynamo cores offering efficiency, higher power output and less power consumption at any speed in comparison to top Japanese counterparts. If power is not needed, it can also be switched off … and dynamo drag  disappears. These hub dynamos feature user optimisable convenience for riders under a diversity of conditions.

Switchable Dynamo Hub

You can select what you want !!


Technical achievements are sometimes not easy expressed, but readily appreciated in use. Over the 18-month development period of the 7 series hub dynamos, the SP design team pursued its commitment to perfection with unbending determination. Numerous technical hurdles were breached to optimize the dynamo’s action and switch mechanism, thus ensuring unparalleled performance in the 7 series hub dynamos.

Power generation
Paired with 700C/26” wheels, PV-8 and PD-8 hub dynamos produce 6V3W and achieve a high efficiency of 54% at 15km/h. They also provide stable power output with minimal vibrations when in use. These hub dynamos offer safety, convenience, stability and comfort.
The SV-8 and SD-8 hub dynamos produce 6V2.4W when paired with 26”/700C. They provide an alternative for competitive cyclists. They produce less power than their PV-8 and PD-8 brethren, but offer less drag and reduced weight in return. For performance-oriented cyclists they provide the competitive “edge”.

Obviating unnecessary resistance
The key benefit of SP 7 series hub dynamos is their elimination of annoying drag when switched off. The structural design of all major hub dynamos on the market results in a permanent attractive force between magnet and yoke. This creates dynamic/magnetic drag even when no power is being consumed. SP 7 series hub dynamos allow cyclists to mechanically disengage the magnet and yoke of the dynamo thereby freeing the hub of magnetic drag when power is unneeded. This produces energy savings, smoother riding and improved mechanical longevity of the entire hub.

Ease of use in the switching mechanism
Keen attention was paid to user friendliness in the development and engineering of the switch mechanism. The physical switch is an ergonomically designed six-point plate on the right side of the hub. The switch “action” is at the same time light and yet solid in “feel” thus reinforcing user confidence in effortless and trouble free switching at anytime.

Strong hub body
The SP 7 series hub is purpose designed for strength and high structural performance under severe conditions use. The hub shell has been carefully calibrated to optimise the balance between weight and strength. It is strong, technically advanced and light weight. All models are under 700g and are available in both rim- and disc-brake configurations.

The dream hub dynamo has come true

SP made it possible !!


SP 7 series hub dynamos are smart in appearance, intelligent in design, user friendly and the most comfortable in use. The switch function makes it a next generation product in the hub dynamo field. It is redefining our understanding of what is possible with hub dynamos. It also opens the door to fresh new riding experiences.

As the use of electronic devices while riding increases in popularity, SP engineers are continuing their on-going efforts to develop new and better solutions to improve the riding experience. They are also making progress towards the ideal of self-sufficiency in power generation for cyclists. This ideal is not only about convenience, but is rooted in the global interest toward promoting green power to lessen environmental impact. This ideal encompasses the health of cyclists as well as that of the earth.

We are not about revolution. Rather, we believe in incremental - but firm - steps in the right direction. The avenue we have chosen towards this ideal is via developing and producing useful, green, user friendly and technically advanced products for likeminded consumers. Though these efforts, we do hope to enhance the riding experience, improve the quality of lives and thereby make a difference (in our own special way).

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